A List of the Top Freight Agent Broker Training Schools for Trucking

A lot of people want to get into the freight brokerage industry as it’s one of the few lucrative and growing industries currently out there. The road to becoming a freight agent or freight broker is therefore highly competitive and only the people who’ve attended the best freight broker agent schools will succeed. Here are some examples of top training programs that are almost guaranteed to produce equally impressive freight brokerage professionals.

Certified Transportation Broker course by the Transportation Intermediaries Association

The Certified Transportation Broker course by the Transportation Intermediaries Association is right at the top of our list. The TIA is one of the most prominent industry associations that over looks the trucking industry. The Certified Transportation Broker (CTB) Program was established by the Transportation Intermediaries Association (TIA) to grow the expertise and truthfulness of property brokerage, meet the scholastic requirements of freight brokers, and grow basic responsiveness of the brokerage and transportation industry through a demanding certification program.

Read about the program here.

ShippersCarriersCom LLC

With its choice of 3 types of freight agent broker training courses, ShippersCarriers.com is definitely one of the freight broker agent schools that have something for everyone. Students can pick from the In Office Training Course, Internet Training Course or Home Study Course. This is essentially a choice between training at the business’ headquarters in Georgia, undertaking online training or using sample paperwork to train at home. Individual fees for these courses range from $500 to $950.

Freight Movers School, LLC

This school is known within the trucking transportation industry for producing shippers and carriers, but it also trains up brokers and agents.  Students can take online classes in the comfort of their own home, which allows them to learn about the trucking industry at their own pace. The online class consists of 7 lessons and one final exam. Graduates from the course are eligible to receive the Freight Broker Training Guide. The course is priced at $450.00, which when compared to some other freight broker agent schools is very reasonable.

Load Training

One of the country’s most famous freight broker agent schools, Load Training provides courses consisting of step-by-step study processes, reference guides and many other tools and resources. Students can physically attend classes in a number of locations or, if they prefer, sign up for a home study course. As a very technical understanding of the industry is necessary to become a freight agent, classes are small so that the instructor can give each attendee plenty of help and attention. Prospective students can call the school to enquire about costs.

BROOKE Transportation Training Solutions, LLC

As far as freight agent broker training programs go, BTTS provides one of the best in its Five Day Course. In a classroom setting, students get to learn everything they need to know about building a freight brokerage company from scratch. They’re provided with the required textbooks and other useful resources. Class instruction provides plenty of variety, consisting of lectures, videos and practical training. The course costs $2495. Unlike many other freight broker agent schools, BTTS also provides an advanced course, which costs $3995.

There are plenty of freight broker agent schools out there, but the secret to success is to choose the right one. All of the schools mentioned in this list are proven to comprehensively support an individual on every step of the journey from student to freight agent. With a profitable career in the transportation industry as the pay-off, it’s well worth spending time looking for the right course and being prepared to pay a little more for quality training.