What to Expect as a New Freight Agent at RFX

At RFX, we understand that the biggest hesitancy for a freight agent to change brokerages is the transition from one brokerage to the next.  How will this transition affect your ability to serve your customers and carriers? What will it mean for your own personal finances?  Will you miss one week’s pay because of this transition?

RFX has always taken pride in our ability to be flexible and provide a fast service for the freight agents we work with.  We understand that you have a business to run.  For this reason, we have structured our agent onboarding process so that agents can transition as fast and as seamlessly as possible.  Here is what you can expect as a new freight agent at RFX.

It starts with a phone call –  We’ll call you!  You will receive a phone call from our Vice President and agent liason, Shirley Bellavance.  Shirley has been with RFX over 40 years and can give you a brief history about our company, our culture and the way we treat freight agents like you.  If you like what you hear, you may decide to sign a contract as an Independent Business Owner (IBO).  From that moment, the team in our Massachusetts headquarters will be hard at work making sure your transition goes smoothly.

Your Customer-Base –  Our credit department will set up your customers’ in our computer system and assign each customer a credit level.  On day one, freight agents can assign their customers to loads.  RFX has a contracts department that will review and execute your customers shipping contracts within 1 to 2 business days.

Your Carrier-Base – RFX has one of the most efficient carrier onboarding processes in the business.  We understand that you may have a core base of carriers that you prefer to work with. With a database of over 12,000 active motor carriers, your preferred carriers may be ready to go before you even sign on.  If not, we can onboard your carriers in a matter of minutes, not days.  Using a standard model contract drafted by the Transportation Intermediaries Association and a safety standard developed over many years, our carrier qualification team have your carrier-base covered, so you don’t have to worry about it.

Technology – On day one, the technology staff at RFX will assist you with connecting your computer to our servers, where you will have access to a full suite of applications to assist you with your business: Outlook email, McLeod Powerbroker software, PC*Miler, DAT 360 freight match, Internet Truckstop as well as mobile applications for your tablet or smartphone.

Your Commission –  RFX freight agents get paid their split the week after a load ships.  It’s as simple as that!