Corporate Giving

XEL Foundation Logo

RFX and REFE are proud to support The XEL Foundation which is dedicated to helping those impacted by autism.

RFX and REFE, along with their parent company, R & R Express, are dedicated to funding & supporting autism research and inclusion opportunities through the foundation. The XEL Foundation gets its origins from a young man named Lex, which spells “Lex” backwards.The XEL Foundation represents the word “EXCEL”. The definition of excel is to surpass in accomplishment or achievement.


RFX | REFE contributes to the THE “LEX GO! CLUB” at The XEL Foundation

RFX | REFE and its employees provides 54 cents to every load that will be donated to the XEL Foundation. Additionally, our parent corporation, R&R Express matches 54 cents to every load.

The 54 cents represents the 1 in 54 children diagnosed with autism based on CDC statistics in 2021 when the foundation was established. At the time the foundation was started the rate of autism was 1 in 54. A few short weeks later, the number increased 23% to 1 in 44. That’s a number the foundation won’t accept. The XEL Foundation decided to continue to use 54 to show the increasing numbers of those affected by autism.

RFX and REFE are proud to support this effort as part of their corporate giving initiatives. For more information on The XEL Foundation, to make a contribution, for resources or media opportunities please contact the foundation at

$1.08 per load donated