RFX | REFE Celebrates 70th Anniversary in the Transportation & Logistics Industry

November 2, 2022

Houston based RFX | REFE just celebrated their 70th anniversary as a North American Transportation and Logistics Leader. The company’s roots started in Boston, MA in 1952 by Thomas Welby and family. They were one of the first companies to haul refrigerated foods and also one of the first woman-owned trucking companies to exist in our nation.

The company has evolved over the years into a premier logistics provider that offers asset-based solutions as well as third party brokerage services through multiple modes and proven results. Whether it is flatbed, truckload, refrigerated, LTL, heavy haul or international logistics capabilities RFX | REFE gets shipments delivered with integrity each and every day.

“Throughout the years, one thing hasn’t changed, RFX | REFE has been Running on Trust Since 1952”, said Nate Lourie, CEO and President of RFX | REFE. “Customers need to trust their transportation partner to deliver their products with more than 100% confidence. We strive to surpass that 100% confidence mark with each and every delivery.”

In addition to its Houston headquarters office, RFX | REFE is expanding to additional locations by re-opening their historic office in Boston, MA and opening a brand new office in Tampa, FL.

Watch our celebration and the culture that keeps driving the RFX | REFE team.

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